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It has become an addiction for me to take photos of food. I started taking photos of food when I started this blog back in 2009. I used a very regular camera. But when it became an obsession, I upgraded my camera til i bought the love of my life which I’m using these days Nikon D7100. It’s like my second baby after Jana.

What I’m missing is good lightening and a set up corner. Hence I’m living in a small apartment, it’s very hard to find a good corner. And I’ve noticed that taking photos in the morning is way better than at night when you don’t have professional lighting which I’ll be getting soon.

Now, there was a really good workshop for food photography weeks ago which I wanted to go to but couldn’t because of work 😦 I wish they’d make another one because I’d like to learn more about food photography, the right corner, angle, lighting and more.


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One thought on “Fotos & Food

  1. I think your photographs are very nice, already! That is what brought me to your blog. Keep up the beautiful shots! Love reading and seeing where you have sampled the food in so many places in the World!

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