Cali Burger Experience-Miral Complex


I received an invitation months ago to try the newly opened burger place called Cali Burger. I couldn’t go on the same day but it was on my mind to try it some other day.

That some other day was last weekend. When we had a very long break and we went on a family trip to Alwafra, then Bnaider, and finally ended the day at Cali Burger.

I was eager to try their Wild Style (Animal Style In-N-Out) fries, that they say it’s almost like In-N-Out. And we also ordered the classic cheese burger.

The burgers were good but not wow. The size, the cooking, the bun and the sauce, all were really good but as I said, not that WOW.

Now, talking about the fries. NOTHING, and I mean it, NOTHING can reach the  goodness of the Animal Style Fries of In-N-Out no matter what you do or say. The fries were good and the sauce was nice but it wasn’t like In-N-Out 🙂

My humble opinion. If you want, you can try it and see what I mean 😀

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