Attila Mongolian Grill-Miral Complex


Last week I was invited to taste the food of the newly opened restaurant in Miral Complex located after Hilton Resort Mangaf.

All the way from the USA, comes to you Attila Mongolian Grill. All about healthy food. They serve Mongolian and Japanese dishes. The concept behind this restaurant is to eat fast food but in a healthy way. Almost like subway sandwiches but this one has noodles and rice.

The Mongolian dishes are cooked in front of you. You pick your tray, then get a bowl of your choice from either beef, chicken, fish or shrimp. Then move on to the other station, get a bowl of fresh vegetables. A bowl of noodles or rice noodles or just rice (their noodles is approved by Dr. Abdulla Almutawa) healthy indeed. Then the last station is to get your cooking sauce, if you don’t know what to choose, there will be someone to help you, but actually everything is clear and easy to pick.

You take your tray to the chef who cooks everything in front of your own eyes. You can ask him to cook your food with either a little bit of oil or with water. When your dish is ready, you’ll hear the bell ringing behind the chef to tell you that your dish is ready. I really loved both our Mongolian dishes, so delicious and yummy especially the rice. The noodles was so light and yummy 🙂

Now let’s talk about the Japanese dishes. We loved the Edamame salad. It was really great, so delicious and crunchy. The shrimp tempura was okay, just like any tempura. The sushi was really yummy and crunchy. My favourite was Wahabi Maki *yum yum*














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3 thoughts on “Attila Mongolian Grill-Miral Complex

  1. MS

    the only problem with these restaurants ( LIVE GRILLS) most dishes taste the same

  2. MS

    p.s it seems you always get invited please take a pic of their menu we need to know the prices

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