@VapianKuwait New Menu Tasting


Last week, I went to Vapiano (The Avenues Mall) to try their new menu. I have to say this; I love their food, how it’s cooked/made in front of you, the sauces/dressings they use are really good and not to mention the rosemary plant on your table to use on your dishes directly.

This new menu is all about GOAT cheese, and I’m a goat-cheese-lover. I really love it. Not every restaurant use the best quality. I remember visiting another restaurant and the goat cheese they used was really dull. But the one used in Vapiano is high quality for sure.

We arrived around 5:30 pm and I was starving. I didn’t eat anything all day.

Let’s check their new menu, shall we?


Inssalati Di Polpo

Verdict: DELICIOUS. LOVED IT. MY FAV. This salad has roasted polpo (mini octopus), tender potatoes, chives, pepper and capers served with lime dressing.


A closer look


Pasta Con cipolla Rossa with Linguine

Verdict: I was skeptical from this dish but I said, why not try it? It TURNED out to be really good. The chef tried to warn me saying this dish has dry sauce. I told him fine with me. I wanted to add chicken to it, but he said have alone without any additions and I followed his instructions. He was damn right. It was really good without any additions. The goat cheese made it extra yummy. The amount of goat cheese was a lot, and that what I liked about this dish. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The dish contains red onion marmalade, refined with red grape juice and served with mild goat cheese.


Pasta Reef N Beef

Verdict: This dish was soooo heavy. The creamy sauce and everything in it screamed HEAVY but also DELICIOUS & YUMMY at the same time. Not suitable for those who are on a diet but if you are having a cheat day, then this is your dish. LOVED IT. Fresh linguine with tender beef fillet, scampi, crunchy carrots and zucchini in a fine lobster sauce.


Pizza Chèvre E Aglio

Verdict: MY FAVOURITE PIZZA. When you see it, you say “this looks dull”. But in fact it’s not. The taste that it has with its fine ingredients makes it extra specie. Cream of ricotta, caramelised garlic and mild goat cheese. Have you ever tried caramelised garlic before? I haven’t it and that was my first. I literally went to heaven. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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