The Choco Gate Restaurant Experience


I received an invitation from the newly opened Cafe/Restaurant located in The Gate Mall. The invitation came for one person only, which was kinda weird because who would go and eat alone in a restaurant? It would look really weird but the good thing is that I went with PinkGirl 😉 and it didn’t look weird for us.

We went their around 1pm and it was still empty. We greeted by the staff and chose our table. The place had so many kinds of seatings; sofas, chairs, bar etc. We got the red sofa which made the pictures look really good.

The food came really late, like after 35 minutes from our arrival and to be frank, this wasn’t expected from our side, because the vent was supposed to be from 1 tip 3pm, so i’d expect everything to be ready by 1:15pm.

Anyways, that was all forgotten when the delicious food started coming and yes, it was really good. I loved most of the dishes that were served except for one dish which was very spicy.

Instagram @TheChocoGate

Now, let’s explore the menu;


The place


All Roots Salad

Verdict: Really good, loved the sauce but it was kinda heavy.


Another look


The Gate Salad

Verdict: This was my favourite salad. It had balsamic and chocolate combined together in the dressing, and it didn’t taste weird at all. LOVED IT.


A closer look


Chips dipped in white and milk chocolate

Verdict: Ordinary


Chicken Kiev

Verdict: Really good, but heavy. Perfect for sharing. One piece is kinda huge so it would be a good appetiser.


Buffalo Chicken Wings

Verdict: Too spicy to my taste.


All Sliders

Verdict: This dish has 3 kinds of sliders: fish, chicken and CAMEL. Yes, camel meat and it was the one I tried because I haven’t tried it before. And it was SO GOOD. I didn’t try the other dishes but the camel was worth it.


Steak Wrap

Verdict: This dish was really good but heavy because it had eggs inside it. And it gave it a really nice taste.



Verdict: WE LOVED IT. It was very light and gentle on the stomach. LOVED IT.


They have Arabic Coffee


4 Kinds Pizza Dessert

Verdict: I didn’t try it but my friend the banana side was so good.



Verdict: They are actually cornets filled with custards but they twisted the name a bit. DELICIOUS.


Another look 😛

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