1001 Inventions Exhibition-Scientific Centre


I received an invitation to attend the opening of 1001 Inventions Exhibitions organised by The Scientific Centre but unfortunately, I couldn’t attend. I really wanted to go because it looked interesting.

I managed to go last Friday and drop the place a visit. It’s not that huge but still not that small. Decent. You start with a mini movie that gives you an introduction to what you’re going to explore. Many people think that the Romans and Greeks invented everything, and not everyone know that Muslims invented a lot of things back in the Dark Ages.

After the movie, the curtain is pulled up and you get to explore the whole place. Major inventions and how do they work. You see some people talking about each invention in Arabic language. The exhibition is good for children above 6 years old, as it’s kind of difficult to understand the Arabic language and how such inventions work.

As you get deeper inside the tent, you’ll find a place where you can dress yourself or your children like they used to dress in the past and take some photos. I really loved this corner. Dressed Juju with a very loose dress and took some photos for her, they pictures were really cute 😀

There is a gift shop at the end of the exhibition where you can buy some books and other stud. Also there is a corner for kids’ activities; colouring, painting and other things.

Thank you Mr. Nawaf Al-Rudaini for the invitation 🙂






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2 thoughts on “1001 Inventions Exhibition-Scientific Centre

  1. I’ll be visiting them soon perhaps this weekend enshalla 😀 Looks amazing though!

  2. Nawaf AL-Rudaini

    My pleasure 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed it

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