Slim Secrets Snack Bar


Sometimes when we are at work, we get hungry, very hungry to be precise. And what ruins our healthy lifestyle (if we have one) is the unhealthy snacks we munch on when we are at work. We tend to eat anything in front of us just to shut the hunger in our tummy and we don’t think about the ingredients of what we eat (most of the time).

Last week, I received a plexi box from Slim Secrets filled with snack bars that are low in sugar, low in carb, gluten free and high in protein. What I loved about those snacks is how they are divided. One for breakfast, one for the evening, and others for the afternoon or whenever you want energy.

I tasted the one for breakfast which was perfect for my morning mood because it contained coffee. And I also tried the one with white chocolate and berries and the one with vanilla and almond, both were really amazing and they do make you full easily, so you don’t have to spend your money on lousy snacks or meals when you feel hungry at work.

This is the best solution.

They are available in Saveco or you can order from them directly from their instagram account @slimsecretskw





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