A Day at @HelloKittySpa With Baby Jana


Weekend and spa, the perfect combination 🙂

Last Friday, Juju and I were invited to try some of Hello Kitty Beauty Spa treatments and offers. We chose hair, pedi and mani. We arrived there around 11:15 am and started immediately with Juju’s hair 😛 The place was crowded mashallah so we had to wait for a place to be empty and it didn’t take that long. The staff were efficient and professional.

I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you that Juju loved the place from the beginning. Actually, no. She was terrified and I had to hold her at the beginning. Even when they were washing her hair, I had to hug her. So imagine my face almost being washed with Juju’s hair 😛

Then they took her to the styling chair where she had to sit next to an older girl. She kept looking at her all the time and I think that made her comfortable because after that I left her by herself with the stylist to enjoy herself and she did 😀

For Juju’s hair, I asked them to trim it a bot and blow dry it later. The trimming didn’t take that long and the blow dry procedure was really funny with Juju. I kept calling her name to turn her face to me but she didn’t move a muscle 😛 She just kept looking at me from the corner of her left eye because she was enjoying he blow dry. And as you can see from the pictures she turned out to be really cute with straight hair. I loved it and I think I’ll be straightening her hair more often. Some people commented on her instagram photo that curly hair suits her better. hhhmm! I also had blow dry and it was really quick and nice even though my hair is long. Ask for Hanan, she’s great with young kids.

Then we went to have our nails pedicured and manicured. Juju chose her favourite colour which turned out to be pink. She didn’t like to be touched with all the tools so we only coloured her nails. So cute, I wanted to eat her foot 😀 As for me I tried the treatment and it was really nice. You have your own kit to take with you home. Loved that. Ask for Amany to colour your child’s nails, she’s a professional with children.

Can’t wait to try the Turkish Hamam and Massage with Juju 😛

Thank you Hello Kitty Spa for the lovely day :*














That’s my cute Kitty :*

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3 thoughts on “A Day at @HelloKittySpa With Baby Jana

  1. Samoooona she’s so adorable mashalla! Hehehe glad she had fun after getting used to the place 😛

  2. aiw

    MashaAllah she is looking very cute dolled up 🙂

  3. يا زين البنات :*
    تزينينها عروس يارب

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