Tadco Online Supermarket


How many online supermarkets we have in K-Town? I believe a lot. but how many offer organics, gluten free and healthy products? I believe few of them do.

Tadco is a new online supermarket which has opened recently. It offers a wide range of organic and healthy products coming from the US on weekly basis. They also offer delivery to all GCC countries with a flat rate. I have received a bag full of some of their organic and healthy products to try and review and I have to admit that i loved all of them with no exception and I’ll tell you more about each product under its picture.


Bento Lunch Box

This was supposed to be for Juju but I started using it for work. One of my colleagues loved it and bought one for herself too. It’s divided and it can be used to so many things. Loved it.


Cashew Cookie Bar

Can you believe this bar is made only from cashew and dates? It was really good and made me full.


Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks

My favourite. I finished it in no time. I kept munching on it forever. I thought the bag is small and that it will finish quickly but it didn’t. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Maple Almond Butter

Now that was something so good. I loved dressing my French toast with it and it tasted really good with the banana also. Yum


Sea Salt Seaweed

Do you like Sushi? Then this one will suit you just fine. not everyone will like it but i did and it’s really good if you want to munch on something that won’t make you gain extra KGs 😛


Chamomile Night Tea

My nights are not complete without this tea. I’m drinking it almost every night and it makes me more relaxed. Caffeine free.

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