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Who doesn’t like Chinese food these days? I believe all of us love the cuisine and its sauces and mixes. Not to mention the vegetables used in every dish are really delicious. And all of us felt in love with Peacock which was located in SAS back in the old days, and also felt very bad when it closed its doors for almost 2 years and the hotel changed its name to Radisson Blu. We kinda thought it won’t open its doors but to our surprise, it opened to the public last year. I didn’t get the chance to visit it again but I can still remember the taste of it’s food.

Peacocks re-opened to the public in 2013 with a renovated Chinese atmosphere inside and outside the restaurant. You can see some Chinese Artefacts surrounding the place from the outside and the inside. The colour RED is everywhere as it has been and continues to be. Service is still excellent but let’s talk about the food. To be honest, Peacocks used to be really really delicious, but it reached a point where it started to bring people down. Yes, I remember visiting it once before closing down and the food wasn’t as expected and that’s why people were worried it won’t open again. But guess what? It opened again and the taste of food is like its old golden days, superb.

Before checking what we’ve ordered, I have to thank Mr. David & Mr. Hari for the lovely day, and for making sure that our afternoon was spent perfectly. Now, let me give a briefing about Chinese Cuisine (Taken form Peacocks menu):

“Brief History:Chinese cuisine is an ancient culinary art which originated over 5,000 years ago under the Emperor Fu Hsi (2208-1767 B.C.) who introduced agricultural procedures and the domestication of animals.As culture and religion developed,culinary art was refined and absorbed into the Chinese social order. The main philosophies of China,Taoism and Confucianism, prescribed kitchen customs and table etiquette. Chinese scholars, including the leader Confucius, were gourmets who urged others to perfect this culinary art, all the time encouraging and criticising with wisdom.

Regional Features of Chinese Cuisine: Due to China’s early civilizations and great difference in customs and traditions, variations of cuisine have emerged according to special products and the tastes of various provinces. Chinese cooking can be divided geographically into four major branches, each with characteristic tastes, ingredients, preparation methods and appearances.” Now let’s check what’ve ordered from the new exquisite menu:
2 3 4 Complimentary Green Tea 5 Complimentary Cashews 6 Deep Fried Prawns on Toast Verdict: MY FAVOURITE. So delicious and crispy. The size of the prawns was pretty good. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 7 Vegetables Spring Rolls Verdict: It’s a must. 8 Seafood Dim Sum Verdict: I ordered this with a doubt but it turned out to be really good. LOVED IT. 9 Shrimp Spring Rolls Verdict: They were okay. 10 Hamour Fingers Verdict: Oh Boy. That was my grandmother’s choice and it turned out to be realllllly good. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 11 The sauces 12 Appetizers Feast 13 Peking Duck Verdict: Presentation was really cool but the taste was okay, not as expected. 14 Schezwan Lobster Verdict: On the menu it doesn’t say this dish is spicy but the waiter tells you that before confirming your order and it turned out to be really spicy but really good and amazing. If you are into spicy food then this definitely will be your IT dish. 15 Singapore Style Noodles Verdict: DELICOUS. AMAZING. PERFECT. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Do I need to say more? 16 Sweet & Sour Prawns Verdict: The prawns came very HUGE and delicious. The taste of the sauce was really good. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 18 Pan Fried Sliced Beef with Leeks and Chili Verdict: The whole family loved this dish and it was my aunt’s favourite dish. Not spicy at all and really yummy. DELCIOUS AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 19 Sauteed Gulf Lobster with Black Beans Verdict: The WINNER of all dishes. Our favourite and it became my signature dish in Peacocks. The whole mix was just amazing. And the quantity of the lobster was really decent. LOVED IT. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 20 Lunch Feast 21 Leche Fruit Salad Verdict: That was desert dish and I loved it. 22 Tiramisu Cake Verdict: My aunt and sister’s choice. Both loved it and said it was really light and yummy.

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