Lunch At The Gathering Bistro


So remember last Monday’s Gathering? Well, they had a little competition for all of us and we had to guess the ingredients of a new signature dish they had, which was Iced Parmesan Salad. I guess right and I won an invitation for 2 persons, yeeepppeee (I love winning) 😀

I took my sister with me as she has been nagging forever to try this place. We arrived around 2pm on Friday afternoon and it was really quiet and serene. The weather was extra nice and made the whole atmosphere really nice. We wanted to try other dishes we haven’t tried last time but we ended ordering some of the dishes we ordered last time because they are really good, like the Mushroom Soup, Iced Parmesan Salad and the T-Burger.

But let’s check out what we ordered this time for lunch:


Lemon Mojito

Verdict: My aunt loved it and Juju drank it all 😛


Pumpkin Parmesan Soup

Verdict: So wintery and delicious, loved the spices in it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Loaded Wedges

Verdict: OK.


Iced Parmesan Salad



Skewered Prawns

Verdict: It was good, a lil bit spicy, somehow the green sauce tasted like the ones we see in Indian restaurants. My sister loved this dish


Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Verdict: Really good. Highly Recommended. Didn’t expect it to be like this. It was also very light on the tummy.


Mushroom Risotto

Verdict: My favourite dish of the day. It was amazing and that orange sauce made it extra yummy. You have to try it guys.


Last but not least we ended our lunch with Creamy Cinnamon Pudding which is my favourite. Yum Yum

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