The Gathering Bistro New Menu


Last Monday, The Gathering Bistro held an event with Senyar company where they introduced or launched their new menu. To be honest, I haven’t tried their food before so that was my first time in the restaurant. The location of the place is really beautiful with all the red flowers and fire heaters that made it so cozy and wintery, not to mention that it was raining that day.

We were seated outdoors because the weather was amazing, we were given the new menu and we had a variety of dishes to try. Everything was just amazing, some dishes were ordinary, some were wow but nothing under the average.

Now let’s explore the dishes we’ve eaten and my verdict;



The new menu


Apple Juice


Risotto Cake

Verdict: That dish was delicious, so soft that it melts immediately in your tongue. A must try.


Creamy Mushroom Soup

Verdict: Not something new but definitely worth trying because it was so warm and wintery. Loved the texture.


Melanzane Alla Parmegana

Verdict: Anything that has eggplants in its ingredients then it’s a winner for me, but this dish was ok. Kinda heavy.


Quinoa Salad

Verdict: Chickpeas, cucumber, feta cheese (i think), some greens and lots of Quinoa. I honestly couldn’t figure out the sauce or dressing but it was AMAZING. Loved it.


Pesto Pizzetta 

Verdict: VERRRY LIGHT, a good choice for those who are on diet but want to go out and have something delicious.


Iced Parmesan Salad

Verdict: THE WINNER of the night. Highly Recommended. I mean have you ever eaten a salad that had ice cream in it along with fried goat cheese? No one can ever imagine how tasty it is until they try it.


Saffron Pasta

Verdict: My favourite dish. Delicious, yummy and so wintery with that amazing creamy saffron taste. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


That delicious mess 🙂



Verdict: Another winner and favourite dish of mine. Sweet & sour burger, so delicious and yummy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Roast & Toast

Verdict: A toast soaked with lots of chocolate and crispy something 😛 lol It was good.


Creamy Cinnamon Pudding

Verdict: MY FAVOURITE DESSERT. MY WINNER. MY EVERYTHING. I love anything with cinnamon, and this one killed me. LOVED IT.


Banoffee Trifle

Verdict: It had a lot of cream but it wasn’t that heavy, and i think it had mashed crackers which gave it a nice taste. It was good.

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