Book Review: How To Tell Toledo From The Night Sky


This book started with a good beginning but then it became a bit boring, but after a while it becomes interesting. If you have a wild imagination, then you’ll like this book. It’s about Sally & Bernice who got pregnant together on purpose just to have 2 babies destined to be together, they gave birth on the same day and in the same hospital and separated them when they were 3 years old so they can meet after so many years of separation and fall in love without knowing about it, but eventually they know about it.

The writing was kind of strange but I liked it and it was easy to read even though i felt something was strange about it. Loved the characters, all of them except Belion, so boring. The story plot becomes interesting when you start exploring the past life of Bernice & Sally and what happened to them and how they planed all of this. Sometimes you’d feel sorry for Bernice and sometimes pissed at her. So overwhelming. The book was okay.

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