Dallah’s New Pistachio Ghuraibah


I got this love package from @DallahKuwait that had delicious stuff inside it. And guess what? Pistachio Ghuraibah, yummy. I honestly love their stuff. They offer old Kuwaiti food yet modern. They have their special touch in every dish and that’s why they keep experimenting and bringing us delicious desserts.

The dish was big, full of mini ghuraibahs topped with pistachios. It;s very small that you can’t feel yourself eating it. I assure you that once you open that box, it will be open in not time. it’s flu of cardamom which I like almost in everything.

Of course I had to add my special touch 😛 I got my Hershey’s Choco Spread and dipped the mini ghuraibah in it and it was beyond yumminess. Imagine ghuraiba+pistachio+chocolate=???? You tell me the word 😀

Thank you Dallah and wish you all the best 🙂




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One thought on “Dallah’s New Pistachio Ghuraibah

  1. Dallah Bakery

    We’re so happy that you’ve enjoyed our new Qorayba flavor and we’re even more proud that you’re a fan of Dallah 🙂

    Thank you! 🙂

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