Mezzo Experience-Kipco Tower


1st day of Eid, we have lunch at my grandparents’ house, but on the 2nd day we go out. This time we wanted somewhere away from the crowd, somewhere quiet where we can enjoy lunch. We picked @Mezzo_Kw (instagram) which is located in Kipco Tower. I love Kipco because it’s in the city, quiet and away from everyone especially now it’s a public holiday so even employees aren’t there. All for us.

We booked a table for 3 persons because they didn’t have baby chairs which was very annoying :/ This is my only complain about the place, they must baby chairs for kids. Many families were struggling with their toddlers when we arrived there, I was one of them. It’s hard to keep a 2 year old on a regular chair.

I love restaurants that welcome their guests with complimentary food. They offered us Mushroom Cappuccino Soup (even for Juju) and some kind of Nachos with 3 kids of dressings to enjoy. They were really delicious. Now, I’ll leave you with the pictures and the dishes we ordered:



Complimentary nachos with dressings and Mushroom cappuccino

Verdict: yum yum


Jalapeño Almond Glazed Shrimp Salad

Verdict: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This is one of the best salads I’ve ever tasted. I thought it’s going to be spicy but it wasn’t at all. I loved the texture of almond and I think there was a lil bit of honey. Yummy.


Beef Brisket Sandwich

Verdict: So delicious and messy. Note that when you want to eat this dish, you’re gonna mess the whole place 😛 but it’s worth it.


Prawn Green Curry

Verdict: This dish was ok, nothing special about it and it was very spicy, didn’t eat that much.


Mushroom Tartufo Pasta

Verdict: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Very creamy, juicy, moist and delicious. We enjoyed eating this dish a lot, full of delicious and fresh mushrooms.


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  1. ويح قلبي ❤

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