The Grove-Los Angeles


One of the last places we visited in Los Angeles was an open mall called The Grove. It’s an open area with lots of greens and a fountain facing most of the cafes and restaurants. It has a mini park where you can see some people doing some stunts or moves or whatever you want to call them. When we were there, we saw 2 Chinese men throwing lemons and cutting them in the air with a sword. The audience enjoyed it, they were cheering and clapping for them. Also you can find a very beautiful and fancy store called The American Girl. I’ve actually haven’t heard about it before until I saw the the place, went inside and explored it. It’s actually a dolls store that has a cafe, beauty salon and furniture shop, all for the American Dolls. There are lots of American characters; Julie, Samantha, Sage etc. All were so beautiful and real. Girls inside the store were having so much fun, I was only wishing that Juju was old enough to see this stuff and enjoy it as the girls in the store, but i think she’ll be old enough without me noticing it anytime soon πŸ˜›

At the end or maybe at the beginning of the market there’s a Farmer’s Market, this one is really huge not as the one you see on the streets that happened once a month. This one is there and it doesn’t closes. Whatever you want you can find it there. We weren’t very hungry so we didn’t get to try anything from the place we enjoyed walking around the place and exploring the mini stores. Check it out, it’s fun πŸ™‚








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