Hong Kong Round 2


The last stop in our one month trip was in Hong Kong. Because we were flying with Cathay Pacific, our regular transit would be in Hong Kong. My husband suggested that we stay a couple of nights there but I wasn’t keen on it but I said yes because he wanted it. The reason i didn’t want to stay there because I was so broke, beyond poor and didn’t have any money to spend after leaving California πŸ˜› So why stay in a city where you can’t spend some money, right? And the weather in the city isn’t for walking or doing outdoors adventures, the humidity was so overwhelming that sometimes I felt I couldn’t breath :/

But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get to try something new. Well, there was this French Cafe/Restaurant that has recently opened in Harbour City which is just few steps away from our hotel. I’ve always wanted to try the flower ice cream but of course I have to travel to France first. Not in Hong Kong because France was there πŸ˜› We searched for the cafe and it wasn’t that difficult to find in this huge mall. It’s called Le Cafe de Joel Rebuchon (Too difficult to memorise). And I got my flowery ice cream πŸ˜€







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2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Round 2

  1. Hong Kong looks like a very nice, clean place. How expensive is it? I heard the people are a little snobbish, is this true?
    nice pics btw.

    • Not at all, this is my second visit to the place and they’re kind and nice but they don’t interact with strangers. Not like the Americans if you know what I mean πŸ™‚ Food & transportation not expensive at all but brands yes they’re more expensive than in Kuwait. Thnk you πŸ™‚

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