Driving Around Malibu-Los Angeles


After we settled in Calabasas, we wanted to visit Malibu, go around it and explore the area. We wrote down the places we wanted to visit and off we went. The first place was Malibu Creek Park, we went up and down the hill trying to find the place but with no luck, the GPS said that we were in the area but all we saw was forests, hills and lots of trees. We spent 30 minutes going around the same place looking for an entrance but with no luck. As we were heading out of the road to the main road, we saw people park at the beginning of the road and going down the hill, then we realised that we were in the right place but there was no actual entrance, you just park and move your legs. Of course we weren’t ready for such an adventure so we skipped this place and to the pier we went.

I was the one driving the car and husband was giving me directions from the GPS. The road was fine on the mountain but then it started shrinking and it became really small and we were going up, I was actually looking down the mountain from my left and it was so scary, we were very high, almost reached the sky 😛 I became really nervous as we went up and the road shrinker more and more. Husband asked me to park on the right so he can take over but it was too risky to do so. I continued driving nervously until the road became bigger and we were descending to the ocean side, then I became relaxed and I enjoyed the road.

There was nothing to do in the pier, it was very windy but very beautiful at the same time. We had fresh juices in one of the restaurants. They thought we wanted to have lunch but all we had were juices, and I thought they they didn’t like us sitting for juices only but it wasn’t crowded so they didn’t say anything but I kinda felt it 😛

Then we headed to Point Dume. A very high area in Malibu, all fancy houses and villas, fancy cars and atmosphere. It was very easy to reach the place, we parked our car and we headed to the stairs taking us down the beach. As we saw how deep down it was, we almost had a heart attack :/ it was really deep. My husband didn’t want to go down because it would take all your energy literally. I mean going down is easy but going up,,,Oh boy. I went down to take some nice pictures. And when I went up :S I couldn’t feel my legs, and it actually took me 15 minutes to reach our car but it was worth it as you can see from the pictures 🙂






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