The Commons-Calabasas


It’s just across the street from our hotel, what a location 🙂

A small open air complex that has a cinema, shops, supermarket, cafes, restaurants and Barnes & Noble 🙂 As if i was living in heaven 😀 The whole place was so clean and beautiful, a lot of greens which we rarely see in our area. Beautiful clean breeze to breath every morning and every night. We loved taking a walk around the place, just going and coming back. Even walking in the parking lot was so much fun with those tall huge trees covering the area.

We enjoyed our nights going to the cinema, choosing from a very small variety of movies but we didn’t mind it at all. The movies didn’t have anyone working there except the guy who we bought the tickets from and the one selling us popcorns and snacks. We entered without anyone asking us about our tickets, and we headed to our hall without being directed there. Also when we got inside the hall, no one asked us for our tickets, we seated ourselves and that was it. People there trust the people of Calabasas. No one would ever dare to cross the line which we liked and respected very much.

My mornings in this city were very beautiful. Why? Because I had to spend them in Barnes & Noble, a huge bookstore that we don’t have in Kuwait and I don’t think we’ll ever get to see one. Every day, I’d wake up around 9 am, take the car and head to The Commons, park in front of the bookstore, order my coffee and choose my table. To my surprise, it was really crowded. I didn’t think i’d see a lot of people in the place because I thought they might be at work, but actually many of them were doing their work in the coffee shop of Barnes & Noble.






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3 thoughts on “The Commons-Calabasas

  1. Would love to hang out at B&N for days in a place like this! We’re missing calm get aways in Kuwait, what with all the weather and hellaga. Thanks for sharing, will have to visit this place if I ever to to Cali.

    • Yes, we do miss such places in Kuwait. There’s a nice place in Bait Lothan called Q8 Bookstore which is decent but still not as B&N

      • Yes, I’ve been there and really appreciate whats they do. There’s already another olace in kuwait called Better Books, in salmiya – they have a blogspot site also.

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