Dinner By The Pool


Last weekend was one of the busiest weekends I’ve ever had yet it was also one of the best. My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and we named her Noura ❤ On the day that she gave birth, we were very tired after all the hassle, going up and down in the hospital, feeding the baby, helping my sister with stuff and so on. We really needed and break and we had a very beautiful one.

At night, we were invited to my aunt’s friends house that has a huge outdoor area with a beautiful relaxing pool and Jacuzzi. As we entered the house, we said Hi and immediately jumped in the pool. What I enjoyed the most was watching Juju swim from the Jacuzzi to the pool and back to the Jacuzzi. She had a fantastic time, she didn’t want to leave the pool at all, we had to pull her out with lots of screaming and crying 😛

Then we had a very delicious light dinner by the pool. The atmosphere was a killer. What was missing a romantic movie and it would have been the perfect night. But anyways, it was the perfect night because we had lots of fun. Around 10:30pm we got out of the pool, changed Juju and off to our house. Juju didn’t say a word when I put her in her bed, she just hugged her lizard and fell in a deep sleep 🙂








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2 thoughts on “Dinner By The Pool

  1. So beautiful my little Samona! 😛

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