USS Midway-San Diego


We ended our San Diego trip by dropping the USS Midway a visit. Admission was very cheap and it was about to close, so they told us that we can stamp our tickets if we want to visit it next day but of course we didn’t because the was very far from our hotel. To be honest, I wasn’t interested in such place but my husband skipped a heart beat when he saw the huge aircraft carrier standing in front of his own eyes. He dies for such places and museums, because he’s into planes and fighters.

When we got inside, we saw some small planes standing, you can see them but you can’t get inside them, then we saw stimulators, we wanted to go and try them but we’ve just had a hearty meal so we didn’t want to risk throwing up inside it 😛 Then we went up the aircraft carrier and then everything became so dreamy and beautiful. So many planes, fighters, helicopters to see and actually go inside them, I loved looking at them but my husband literally took photos with each aircraft 😛 I just sat there looking at the ocean and enjoying the beautiful breeze.

Then we had a chit chat with one of the navy men who served in Kuwait’s war and he told us about his experience. We loved talking with him and listening to his story. We also saw some women who also served in the war, we saw them wearing the Kuwaiti flag on their uniform. It was a pleasant experience.

And the huge Soldier Kissing Nurser statue was there 😉






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