The Boiling Crab Experience-San Diego


So by far, this is the best restaurant we ate at in the US. After the horrible experience of San Diego Safari Park, we decided to visit this restaurant and enjoy the food that everybody talked about online. I wanted to eat seafood, so I did a lil bit of searching on google and found about this place. It has around 4 or 5 branches in California.

The San Diego branch was really nice and big. Many people said that this place gets crowded around 3pm. It actually opens at 3pm on weekdays but on weekends it opens at 12pm, so we reached the place around 1pm and we found many tables to sit on. We got the biggest one because we knew we were going to make a huge mess 😛

Th waiter was very helpful, they did a great job in explaining everything but actually they didn’t have to because I knew what to order (from American blogs). We ordered 2Lb shrimps, 2Lb of clams, 3 crabs,a huge lobster, steamed rice and soup (I forgot the name). We chose the Whole Shabang sauce which was all the sauces together and medium spicy which wasn’t medium at all :/ but we loved it.

They gave us bibs to wear, they put a waxed paper on the table and the food came in plastic bags. Of course this place didn’t have forks and knives as you can see from the presentation of food. You have to use both hands in eating your meal. Eating with your hands makes food more and more delicious, as you can see we’ve made a huge mess 😛

We went to this place again but this time we tried the Los Angeles branch which was small, crowded and kinda old (From the decoration) but the quality of food was superb and the service was awesome as usual. I have to say the prices were very reasonable considering the amount of food we ordered and the LOBSTER we ordered 😛

You have to try this place, it’s really good.










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2 thoughts on “The Boiling Crab Experience-San Diego

  1. aiw

    looks yummy yummy 🙂 🙂

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