San Diego Safari Park Experience-California


Let me begin with this; It was the most awful trip ever. Honestly, we enjoyed our time to the max in California and everything we went to or visited was totally worth it except this trip that almost ruined our day for us.

Driving from Anaheim to San Diego Safari Park took 2hrs. When we reached the place which was located on a hill away from the city, we were shocked to find out that we had to pay for the parking. Why? Then we had pay entree fees for the park and then we saw the fees of the other attractions in the park and everything had a separate fee???? Why all this money? Seriously! Why don’t they just include it all in one ticket and Voila go and have fun? Not to mention the parking was really far from the entrance and we had to go up for about 15 minutes in the burning sun, and trust me, it wasn’t your regular up, it was really UP. I couldn’t feel my legs afterwards.

We entered the place anyway because we drove 2hrs and we weren’t going to go back without seeing what’s inside this park. It was a very regular zoo, I don’t why they called it a Safari when the entrance fee was for the zoo. You have to pay extra $50 for Cheetah Safari, extra $50 for Loop Safari and so on. So our entrance was for a boring zoo. I can’t lie and tell it wasn’t cool, no the place looked really huge but the only thing we enjoyed was the birds show. We couldn’t finish the whole place because it was boiling hot. So we left the zoo after one hour from going around it.

Wasn’t worth it at all.












The only place I enjoyed was the gift shop 🙂

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