San Francisco One Day Trip-California


A dream came true … San Francisco in front of my own eyes.

We were planning on visiting San Francisco for one day, so when we reached Las Vegas, we booked our one day ticket through Virgin Airlines and waited for the big day to come. It was on the 7th of August 2014. Our flight was at 7am something like that so we went to LAX airport around 5am, parked our car and headed to the gate. We didn’t have luggage with us and we have already checked in and got our boarding bar codes throughout Virgin Airlines mobile application which was awesome.

The plane was very small and cozy, they served us organic snacks *thumpsup* and without knowing it, we were getting ready to land. And guess what? It was freezing cold :S It was summery in Los Angeles but it was the total opposite in San Fran, we thought maybe because it’s early in the morning, but we were wrong, it didn’t become warm, actually it became colder :S but it was nice.

We headed to Pier 39 to an exact Kiosk that we booked our tickets from online. The tickets were for Alcatraz, and Big Bus Tour and other stuff which we didn’t have the time to visit. We decided to start with the Big Bus Tour which was so much fun. We took the upper seats (so cold) to see San Francisco clearly.

The tour started from Pier 39 and continued to the main city, union square, then to a museum which I can’t remember the name, the painted ladies, to the golden gate and then back to Pier 39. We stopped at The Golden Gate took some pictures and then we headed back to the pier by taking the ferry 🙂 We lost our bus and took the wrong bus which helped us in finding the right ferry to get us back to town because we were going to miss our Alcatraz tour.

It was so much fun 😀














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2 thoughts on “San Francisco One Day Trip-California

  1. I’m so glad that your one of the few bloggers that still blog and post ❤

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