Marisol Experience-Santa Monica-Los Angeles


When we arrived to Santa Monica, we were very hungry as I said in my previous post. We took a quick look around the restaurants in the area and our eyes picked a very far one located at the end of the pier. The location looked very tempting and we actually needed such place. I remembered reading about this restaurant but I didn’t check their menu online so can you imagine our faces when we saw the menu 😛 ?

When we were seated, they gave us the menu and it was all Mexican food, even the ingredients were Mexican words written in English so it was very difficult for us to comprehend the dish. It’s not your regular Mexican restaurant that you can find here in Kuwait. This was Mexican for real.

The waitress was extremely helpful and she managed to explain everything in detail. We managed to choose 2 main dishes. They brought us complementary nachos with salsa which was amazing. Then our orders arrived. We were worried that the dishes won’t be enough for us but it turned out to be more than enough. Everything looked just perfect, the taste was really good but it was very heavy, we couldn’t move afterwards 😀 But it was a good experience.




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One thought on “Marisol Experience-Santa Monica-Los Angeles

  1. Yum Yum!

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