Ice Cream Lab-Beverly Hills


One of the various places that I really wanted to visit and try was Ice cream Lab. It’s located in Beverly Hills on Santa Monica Blvd. It wasn’t that difficult to find, just write the name in the GPS and it will lead you straight to it. When we got there, it was around 3pm so it wasn’t that crowded, I managed to get my order just in 5 minutes 😀

What is Ice Cream Lab? They utilise liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze different natural ingredients into ice cream. The preparation of this kind of ice cream makes it more delicious that the regular one. Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt are all made of Kosher ingredients.

My choice was Blue Velvet which was mixed with cream cheese frosting and it turned out to be really DELICIOUS. I loved it, loved the experience and the whole place. I would have visited the place again but it was very far from our place and not to mention the awful traffic of LA.



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2 thoughts on “Ice Cream Lab-Beverly Hills

  1. Ahmed

    kosher بما أنك مسلمة ،،ايش فايدة ذكر أن محل الايس كريم متوافق مع أكل اليهود

    • لانه اكل اليهود يقارب اكل المسلمين و المحرم عندنا محرم عندهم فهالشي يساعد السائح المسلم على معرفة اكل المطعم او محل الايسكريم اللي ذكرته

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