Hollywood-Los Angeles


Los Angeles is known to be a very busy and crowded city. We decided to stay in Anaheim and drop the lovely city a visit later on. When we did, we decided to hit Hollywood and explore the place. Walk of Fame, Dolby Theatre, TLC and so on. I was surprised from I’ve seen.

It took us 1:30hrs to reach West Hollywood from our hotel in Anaheim. The road was really jammed, but we managed to get there. We found a parking space $10 per day which is considered good. Started walking on our feet on the Walk of Fame and reached Dolby Theatre in 20 minutes. The place was crowded, full of tourists from everywhere but honestly, I didn’t like the whole area at all. It was dirty, totally ignored, full of dirty people and you can feel that those who work in the area are envious of the tourists money and also the celebrities’. You keep hearing “you have a lot of money”, “they have big houses”, “nobody lives in these big houses” and so on.

The place was a total disappointment. I thought it’s going to be WOW. We’ve always seen this place on TV and it looked really beautiful but in reality, it sucks.













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2 thoughts on “Hollywood-Los Angeles

  1. I think your next trip should be Miami πŸ˜› Hehe I’m not sure if you will like New York because it’s very crowded but I love it that way!

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