California Adventure-Anaheim


No one can be THAT old for Disney Land. Even Juju wasn’t with us in this trip, we couldn’t help ourselves but check California Adventure. We visited DisneyLand in Hong Kong last year and it was really cool and small. So in this trip, we were kinda confused, which park to visit, it wasn’t worth visiting both of them, so we decided to hit the California Adventure. We got the tickets from our hotel. Yes, we were staying in Anaheim, and our hotel was 5 minutes away by car from the park.

We took the bus because we didn’t want to waste our time searching for a park space. Reached the park around 10 pm and we entered immediately, even though it was holly crowded but the people there were very fast and efficient. Once we were inside the park, we searched for a place to have breakfast in because we were very hungry and we found a very delicious one πŸ™‚

The place looked different, not your kind of Disney Land. I believe it was all about movie experiences. Like Cars, Little Mermaid and so. There weren’t any Disney Princesses or fairies except for Sofia The First which belongs to Disney Junior. The park was kinda small, we didn’t expect it to be like that but well we can’t say we didn’t have fun going around checking the shops, games, cafes and restaurants.

We only played 2 games which were for kids lol but every game was crowded with people, it takes forever to play an exciting game. So we decided to just relax and enjoy the park. It was hot in the morning but then the weather cold down and the breeze became really refreshing.

My goal was to get Juju Sofia’s costume, because she’s in love with her, so when I went to the shops I was surprised that they didn’t have Sofia’s costume, I asked around and they told me that I can find it in a Kiosk in Hollywood block. I went there looking for that Kiosk and there it was, everything related to Disney Junior.

Around 2pm, we went back to the hotel, took a shower, relaxed for a bit, changed our clothes and then went to have lunch at In-N-Out. After that we went back to the park but this time driving our car and we found a parking lot which was kinda far but we didn’t mind the walking. We stayed there until the final show which was amazing. Loved everything about it. It was just marvellous.





















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2 thoughts on “California Adventure-Anaheim

  1. Looks amazing mashalla!

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