In-N-Out Experience-Los Angeles


One of the many restaurants that I wanted to try in the US was In-N-Out. I’ve read many reviews about it from fellow Kuwaiti bloggers and other people saying it’s the best burger in USA. I have to admit, it is. I mean I didn’t think it will be THAT good.

You’d be very lucky if you find a branch that is not crowded. Every time we want to eat at it, the waiting line is really overwhelming, you have to wait for almost an hr to place your order. People really love it and after trying their burgers, I see why they don’t mind standing in line for a long time.

I did some digging on google about the place and what to order from it. What we ordered was not entirely on the menu. We got 2 double burger with pickles and grilled onions, 2 animal-style fries and 2 cokes. The animal style fries was SUPERB. It’s not on the menu at all but ti’s there, so when you go there, order it and live in heaven because it’s totally DELICIOUSSSSSS. The burger was very juicy, tender and yummy, we loved the sauce, the bun and everything about it. We had the opportunity to eat lunch there 3 times. We tried to find far branches away from the city and not that crowded.

In-N-Out is my first burger place in the US.



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2 thoughts on “In-N-Out Experience-Los Angeles

  1. I can live alone on burgers and pizzas 😛

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