Shoreline Village-Long Beach


After finishing exploring Queen Mary and the Fox-trot Submarine, we headed to village near us called Shoreline Village. It’s a very beautiful and amazing village. Very crowded, full of cafes and restaurants. Also it has an Aquarium but we didn’t visit it. The place is not that big and not that small but you can do a lot of walking.

You’d see people laying on the grass or on chairs just gazing up wondering in the sky. Children playing having fun running around with their scooters. Friends or couples enjoying a meal in one of the restaurants or just walking enjoying the weather.

I’d recommend visiting the place after 4pm. When the sun goes down, the weather cools more and it gets more and more beautiful. I really loved this place. Full of romance ❤

We had lunch in an Italian restaurant which I forgot its name but I believe it’s the only one in the village if I’m not mistaken and the food turned out to be WOW 🙂








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