Queen Mary-Long Beach


One of the things that I really wanted to visit was The Queen Mary. The ship had so many stories about it and I was interested in seeing it in person. Once we got there, it looked very huge, way too huge. As we were ants next to it lol 😛

We went straight to the tickets book and got the First Passport ticket, it basically includes everything, a tour around the ship which was around 1hr, WW11 tour which we didn’t attend because we didn’t have time, and exploring the whole thing by ourselves.

The tour started around 11:40am. Our tour guide explained to us that he’ll be taking us to the haunted places inside the ship. He gave us a little background about the ship, when it was founded, where it went, what happened to it then and how it ended up in Long Beach (If you wanna know google it).

He also mentioned that when the ship became a hotel, people started experiencing paranormal activities, either ghosts or their own imagination. But many experienced the same thing happening to them in the same room, like the cover being pulled from them when they were sleeping. The places that we went to in the ship are now closed because of the complains they’re receiving from the people staying on the ship.

I honestly wouldn’t wanna stay there because it was kinda scary and I creepy.

We went to the pool where the first class passengers used to swim but now it’s closed and guess what? A 9 year old girl called Jackie died in that pool and it’s believed that every little girl named Jackie goes on the ship, dies on the ship.

So many creepy and dark places we went to inside the ship, I honestly dunno how people are staying on it, not cool at all. And by the way, when you want to check- in in any normal hotel, the front desk employee would ask you “smoking or non-smoking” right? Well, guess what they ask you on this ship? HAUNTED OR NOT HAUNTED. 😛
















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2 thoughts on “Queen Mary-Long Beach

  1. It’s a good thing I don’t swim hehe that means I won’t go in the pool. But wait does this mean if I go on it I’ll die? 😛 Hehe just kidding!

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