Fox-trot Russian Submarine-Long Beach


Just before you get on Queen Mary, there’s a Russian Submarine sitting on water outside. After you finish getting your tickets, you go through the shop to scan your tickets and then you head to the submarine.

You actually walk on it tip the end and then you enter it. I thought getting inside it would be fun but omg I was totally wrong :S Getting inside it wasn’t easy, the stairs were to tight and inside it was very small. Moving from section to section was annoying and suffocation :S I don’t know how they used to live in it for months and under the water :S

After moving to the first section, I started suffocation, I just wanted to move faster but my husband was blocking the way and he wanted to take as many pictures as he could. I wanted to skip him but we had huge back bags and the place was really small, it can only hold one fit person. I saw the places they used to sleep in, eat in and work in and my suffocation got worse :S

Then i told my husband to make it quick because I felt that I was about to faint. Some people couldn’t handle it from the first section so they went back. Trust me, if you can’t handle closed places then don’t go inside it but if you’re interested in these things, then go ahead and explore it 🙂












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