Newport Beach-Los Angeles


We arrived to Los Angeles on Saturday and decided to explore the area. Our hotel is in Anaheim, that’s like 1hr & 30 minutes away from the centre of Los Angeles and because we were very tired so we wanted somewhere close. We searched for some seafood restaurants in the area and found one called The Crab Cooker but you should have seen the line :S A long line was queued outside the restaurant so we just continued walking hoping to find a more quiet place.

We explored the area walking and it was really beautify;, quiet and full of serenity. The perfect place for relaxation. People were spending their time on the beach swimming or playing volleyball, walking, sitting in bars having a chat with friends in front of the ocean, ricin bicycles, etc. The weather was really cool, you just don’t want to leave but because we were hungry we had to get out of the area and find a place to eat which we did (post coming later).

This place has lots of small and cute beach houses, the designs of these house are very beautiful, i loved every house 🙂 We are thinking of renting a beach house in Newport next time we come to the US.




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