Fremont Street Experience-Las Vegas


Last day in Vegas was spent in Fremont Street Experience. I don’t know how I came across this street but i think it was from google when I was searching for the places to visit in Las Vegas.

We went there around 5:30 pm and it was still daylight so nothing special about it as you can see in the picture. But they closed the street’s entrances and asked us to show their IDs to make sure we’re above 20 years old and maximum security was surrounding the place. They checked all of our bags and wallets to make sure we’re clear but they were very nice with us and the process took less than 2 minutes.

As we entered the street again around 6pm it was still daylight, still nothing special about, so we walked through the kiosks and shops, had coffee in Starbucks and then the fun started. Around 7pm, music started playing in the middle of streets. The were 2 stages, both played by different bands. The music was so loud and energetic. People were dancing and having fun in the middle of the street.

Around 7:45pm the lights started playing in the ceiling, but at 8pm all lights closed in the streets and a colourful musical show started in the ceiling. It was soooo beautiful with all the colours and stuff dancing with the music. It was unbelievably beautiful, everyone was looking up with a huge smile on their faces.

We loved it.











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