Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride Experience-Las Vegas


One of the things that we wanted to see was the Grand Canyon, it was a must-see destination. We wanted to book from the internet but then decided to check the strip shops when we reach there and yeah we got great offers from a shop across the street. They gave us a good price for a 4hrs trip by helicopter, we pass by the famous sights of the Grand Canyon, land there, take photos, have a picnic and then get back home passing by the strip. The price was $405 per person, it was a good offer, so we booked it.

The day came and we were picked up from our hotel by a limo 😀 Oh yeah, that fancy hehe 😛 We reached our destination, the Helicopter base was located near McCarran Airport, so many helicopters were there. We were greeted by a very friendly staff, they took our weights, gave us a name tag to put on our clothes and then they asked us to watch the instruction on TV.

Our pilot was called John, he was really nice and funny. My husband asked him for the from seats and he gave us the front seats 😀 The view was amazzzzing. When we took off, it was verrry scary for I’m afraid of heights, i was about to cry, but my husband was worried that i’d throw up 😛 But everything started to become cool after 10 minutes or so. i started enjoying the view.

We passed by The Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Black Canyon, Colorado River and an active Volcano that damaged the land before. The view from the top was beautiful. We landed at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, took amazing photos until our table was set to have a light dinner. As you can see the pictures, the basket was really cute, it had cookies, and apple, pasta salad and Turkey sandwich. They offered us Sodas and Champagne lol, we had the sodas of course 😛

The way back was alas beautiful, we passed by Lake Mead again and saw some lands, also passed by the strip and Fremont street experience. The ride was really cool, i wanna ride a helicopter again, it was totally worth it 😀















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3 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride Experience-Las Vegas

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  2. 3alaich eb alf 3afya that looks like fun hehe I didn’t have more than 3 days in Vegas when I was there so I couldn’t fit everything in lol but that looks awesome!

  3. wanaasaa! im so going to add this to my bucket list!

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