Kuma Snow Cream-Las Vegas


One of the things I came across on instagram was Kuma Snow Cream that is located in China Town, just outside the strip. We just googled the location on our gps and it was easy to find. Usually, it gets crowded at night so we decided to get there in the afternoon so we won’t find a long line and we didn’t. We greeted by a lovely girl and introduced us to the menu, flavours, then toppings and then sauce. We choose mango and strawberry and added strawberry and mango sauce and chose some weird toppings but they turned out to be really great.

The place isn’t that big, it’s ok but I don’t think it can hold a lot of people at night. They have 3 sizes for the snow, like mini, ninja and sumo. Sumo looked like a real sumo wrestler, it was HUGE.

If you don’t know what is “snow cream” it’s snow mixed with sweetened dairy to make an ice cream substitute. I thought it’s not going to turn out good but it was delicious, loved it a lot and i’d recommend it to anyone heading to Las Vegas, you have to try it.






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One thought on “Kuma Snow Cream-Las Vegas

  1. How does snow taste like?

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