Five Guys Experience-Las Vegas


One of the many places that were on my list was Five Guys burger place. It was a must-try for me, I wasn’t planning on leaving the US without trying it of course.

We were shopping in the South Premium Outlet in Las Vegas and then we got hungry so we decided to check the restaurants in the outlet and guess what? Five Guys place was there yeeepppppeeeee “shake it”. I got really excited when i saw the signs and went there immediately 😛 yum yum

We ordered the double cheese burger, fires and coke. The burger turned out to be amazing, really good. Everything was prepared in front of us, the staff were really nice and efficient. It wasn’t crowded, maybe because it was located in an outlet “maybe”. The price was very good for 2 persons. All in all it was a very nice experience, and we’ll visiting the restaurant again before we leave the country 😀




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3 thoughts on “Five Guys Experience-Las Vegas

  1. Its one of my favorites, I first tried it when I was in Omaha, Nebraska and then had some when I was in Columbus, Ohio and some more in NYC 😛 Hehehehe the one I didn’t try yet is In-N-Out 😛

  2. aiw

    Is Five Guys serving Hallal food?

    • Actually we haven’t found a Halal burger place in California, so we say Besemllah and eat 🙂

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