Aria City Center-Las Vegas


Our hotel was called Aria Resort & Casino City Centre. We chose it because it’s located in the middle of everything and the rooms are very spacious. To our surprise, the hotel was really huge and when we reached there it was crowded and many people were checking in. We were very tired and worried that we’d be standing for a long time but it the line moved quickly and we finished checking in in 10 minutes. The employees were very helpful and professional.

You pass through the casino to get to the guest rooms which is kinda fun seeing all the action, people shouting because they’re winning and people yelling out of frustration coz they’ve lost their money lol 😛 Oh and there’s a mall in the hotel or next to what, it’s just one door away.

When we got to our room it was really big, even though it’s the smallest room in the hotel. The technology in the room was amazing. One thing I didn’t like was that they didn’t provide us with complimentary water with coffee and tea, and also we weren’t allowed to put anything in the fridge, that was it but all in all, we had great fun staying in Aria.










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One thought on “Aria City Center-Las Vegas

  1. When I walked into Aria last year I fell in love with those beautiful butterflies not to mention that cool shopping mall hehe but my favorite was the Colosseum Shops in Caesars Palace 😛

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