The Buffet Experience-Las Vegas


The show we booked had an offer, a buffet dinner at The Buffet. When we got there, it was really crowded, we were kinda upset because we were very hungry and the crowd was unbelievable. But the staff were very fast and professional, we were seated after 15  minutes waiting or maybe less.

The Buffet was HUGE. We just couldn’t believe how huge it was. Everything we desired for dinner was there. You name it, Asian, American, Latino, Mediterranean, Seafood, Sushi, Italian, Indian etc. We wanted to try a little bit of everything but we couldn’t, it was too much. Everything was really delicious. If you wanted special food, like if you were allergic from something, there were chefs on every station that can help you with your order.

The service was really good, even though it was very crowded, everything was served properly and on time. Try it if you’re heading to Vegas.







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One thought on “The Buffet Experience-Las Vegas

  1. Looks absolutely delicious, glad you are having a blast. Lose the passport and just stay there 😛 U can probably collect some change 😛

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