Mini Ghabqa #Take2 غبقة حضرتنا


Last Monday, we gathered at Jumana’s house, you all know her as The SideTalk. I haven’t been to her house before but this lady is so kind and nice, I’ve know her ever since we were pregnant with our babies and we’ve kept in touch. She’s one of the few people that I feel comfortable with so we all gathered at her cozy place wearing somehow fancy Darra’as (not THAT fancy). The gang members were DandermaJacqui, and PinkGirl. It’s always fun gathering with these girls.

Jumana’s house was so whitish and full of coziness and comfort. I felt so happy entering her house and sitting on her huge sofas and facing a huge bouquet of mini pink roses. The lady was so busy going and coming back from the kitchen preparing the table. We decided not to eat a lot on Fitoor so we can have fun together eating delicious food, yes we can have lots n lots of fun eating food lol 😛

She made a delicious Syrian Taboulah, it was so yummy 😛 we ate Caesar pizza, hummus, fatayer and a lot of desserts. Aaahhh the desserts were awesome, heavenly awesome especially the Turkish Muhalabiya which I posted about on my instagram account (check it out if you want more information @crazyyetwise).

At the end of our mini ghabqa, Jumana had a lil surprise for us all. Her baby”s Gerge’an. How cute is baby Yuyu? ha? Soo damn cute 😀 Thank you Jumana for having us in your beautiful house. We loved everything :*








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