Iftar at Palms Restaurant


Last week, my husband and I went to Palms Restaurant to have Iftar there. We always go out and try places for iftar in Ramadan but this year we’re not feeling like it, maybe because of the weather or something but we managed to go to Palms.

The place full of Ramadan theme, the decoration was really beautiful, it felt so Ramadany. We were seated in our table which had some appetisers as you can see in the pictures; tabular, fattoush, hummus, bamia and mutabal , Leban and some dates. We also ordered Jellab and Vimto. They had 2 kinds of soups, Lentil and Vegetables soups, we tried both of them and they were really good.When we started eating the appetisers, the buffet was very crowded, so we waited until people went back to their places. We chose from a variety of dishes, the food was really delicious. We loved the whole atmosphere.

At the end, an Egyptian man was going around tables offering Erq Sous drink which i don’t like at all but my husband does and he said it was amazing. I loved the way he was dressed and pouring the drink, as if we were in Egyypt.

Thank you Palms Restaurant for the lovely iftar.











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