Mini Ghabga غبقة حضرتنا

photo 4

Finally, my beautiful fat macbook pro is alive with a new heart 😀 It’s been more than 2 weeks. He was dead for no reason, I tried to revive him, but nothing worked until I called fixaid (tried them before for my iPhone) and they’ve informed me that they have to take the pc with them to the workshop. The idea of your pc away from your sight is kinda scary, so i waited for another idea or way to fix my computer but there was nothing. I called them again and they’ve fixed the problem in 4 days. The hard disk was dead and they had to replace it with a new one (512GB upgraded).

Of course everything was gone, but the most important things were backed up on an external hard drive. I’ve lost my blog watermark 😦 all the programmes I used to work on were all gone (need to install them again). And I’ve lost Juju’s 18months pictures 😦 *Sniff* and my school work *aaaaaahhhh* which I didn’t back but i can get it from my colleagues when the academic year starts again.

Now, I’m back to writing and this time, i’ll be talking about our mini Ghabqa which was hosted by our dear Danderma aver les amis Jacqui and PinkGirlq8. I love these girls, they’re the closest to my heart and I can say whatever I want in front of them not worrying what will come out of my mouth at all. I can act freely and easily. I can wear whatever i want in front of them, and that exactly what happened in our mini Ghabqa which we called غبقة حضرتنا quoting the name from Saray Abdeen TV show which we are addicted to.

In Kuwaiti Ghabqas (Ramadan gathering after Iftar) you have to wear a very elegant Darra’a and wear jewellery and make up. We didn’t want that in our Ghabqa, we wore house Darra’a and sat on the floor facing the table full of yumminess and watching TV.

It was a very nice and cozy Ghabqa where we had lots of fun together. I love you girls :*

photo 3

photo 2

photo 4

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