Zain’s Social Media Day


Every year, Zain Telecom Company celebrates Social Media Day with bloggers, and social media influencers. Each Year they celebrate it on the 30th of June, the international day, but this year it was on the 25th of July just before Ramadan but I believe next year it will be in Ramadan 🙂

I have to talk about their invitations, every year they shock us with amazing and creative events. This year, a customised song to invite us to the Social Media Day and it was really nice 😀

The invitation says “Hala Crazyyetwise” but on youtube it doesn’t :/

Every year they choose a new location and this time it was at Prestige Ballroom-The Avenues. I was really eager to see the ballroom itself. Got ready and left the house around 6:30pm and reached there around 7pm, the street were really crowded :/

The ballroom was kinda small yet cozy, I don’t think you can host weddings or big events there, but you can have big meetings or such events like the Social Media Day. The decoration of the place was really nice. The tables settings and silverware was beautiful and elegant, I really loved the birds theme. The food was delicious.

The event started around 8pm, Mike Embalta3 was the presenter along with a new guy (forgot his name). Mr. Mohammad Almuhaini gave us a funny light speech as always. The event had so many sections, talking about social media experience, presenting some influencers, talking about the most followed people on instagram and what they represent etc. Also there were 2 huge screens showing the world cup matches which we didn’t miss.

when we first entered the the ballroom, a nice lady gave us numbers for some draws, they held a draw for 3 winners every now and then, and guess whaaaaaat? I won, my prize was iPhone 5c 😀 I just love winning. Oh and when I went out to pick my prize, Mike Embalta3 asked to chat with me a bit, I was nervous because this was my first time talking under the spotlight. He asked me about how bloggers turned to instagram and forgot their blogs, an oh boy, this was it. I told him “blogging is about writing, not just posting pictures, instagram is like a mini blog just for photos and some comments not a real blog and it’s that many bloggers deserted their blogs and now they’re only posting on instagram” 😛

I went back to my chair shaking, it was such a nice experience.

Thank you Zain for the lovely event.







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2 thoughts on “Zain’s Social Media Day

  1. I bet it was a lovely night.

    I hope I can attend it next year inshallah. 🙂

  2. It was so awesome, so glad you had a blast and finally won something! 😛

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