What an Amazing Birthday Gift!


Who can make my birthday so special? The one and only, my dear beloved friend Jacqui :* She makes everything so special and amazing. When I received my gift I was speechless, I really didn’t know what to say. The wrapping, the words, the details, everything was so beautiful and made from the heart. She actually did everything herself.

Just take a look at the details around the gift, aren’t they amazing? I even kept the wrapping to remember these days ❤ I love you Juju, I know I won’t find a friend like anywhere in the whole world (stop smiling lol).

Oh and the gift ,,, Yeeppppeeeeee it’s a mini iPad, a toy i’ve been thinking of buying for while but I guess someone was reading my mind.

Thank you Jamooooon :* I love you so much gal khaysa 😀

No Owls this year 😛







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3 thoughts on “What an Amazing Birthday Gift!

  1. Awww so happy you loved it hehe I keep thinking year to year what kind of Gadget-y gift to get you each year hehe especially since I prefer giving out gadgets than anything else LOL! 😛 And luckily for you I remembered that your iPad was being abused by Juju 😛

    Hence the new iPad mini and it’s about time you got updated with the latest in technology 😛 I love you so much and doing all of this really is nothing when its for a person I love! 😛

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