Breakfast Club Experience


I’ve always heard of this place and have been wanting to try it but didn’t get the chance. In the last week, before closing schools, we decided (teachers) to go out and have breakfast together. We decided to try Breakfast Club Fintas branch because it was closer. The place was very very small and crowded, but we managed to secure 2 tables for 4 persons. The service, quality, quantity, and prices were perfect but one thing we didn’t like,,,all plates were broken from the edge, we asked them to change our plates but they kept bringing us broken plates, it seemed that almost all of the plates were broken which was kinda disappointing. I wish they’d pay more attention to such thing because their food is really amazing.

The whole breakfast turned out as a surprise from my colleagues for my 31st birthday 😀 I was speechless, it was a very nice surprise. I love you guys :*


Green Salad

Verdict: Delicious, loved the raspberries.


Turkey Wrap

Verdict: It was good, the mango sauce added a lovely flavour to the whole thing


Halloumi Club Sandwich

Verdict: Not a fan of Halloumi but this one was ok.


English Muffin Egg Benedict

Verdict: A must try,,,HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Breakfast Risotto

Verdict: OMG, this one was the winner, a dish I never expected to be THAT delicious, highly recommended.

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2 thoughts on “Breakfast Club Experience

  1. I should only see your blog after Fitour because I am becoming even more hungry while seeing these posts!

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