Hello Summer Holiday


Finally, it’s the first weekend that’s not a real weekend, for us teachers of course. I can’t believe it’s finally summer holiday 😀 It has been a very stressful academic year trying to prove myself to everyone and doing lots and lots of tasks at the same time not wanting to say no to anyone (bad). But it was totally worth it because I got what I wanted. The love of almost everybody (LOL some hate me and i know who). I was able to prove myself to the school administration and to my supervisor, which was very hard at first but then it got easier because they knew who I was.

The year was very difficult because I had to do new tasks, teach 6th grade which was very difficult especially when teaching them new grammar :S A.C. wasn’t working so it was something unbelievable for both students and teachers, proctoring and correcting exams … etc.

Now, i’ll relax and sleep more and wait for my next trip (coming very soon). I really can’t wait for this one, won’t tell you about it now, just wait for it 😀

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2 thoughts on “Hello Summer Holiday

  1. Ya bakhtich hehe but at the same time allah e3eenich teaching is not an easy job hehehe so enjoy your time off babes!

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