Fresh Mozzarella Cheese From Italy


I came upon this instagram account called @FreshMozzarella that sells fresh mozzarella cheese all the way from Italy. You order, wait a week, and then pick up your order the very next day after its arrival. The cheeses looked tempting and I’ve been seduced to try some of them, so I ordered the Stracciatella, Burrata, and Burratina cheese. My order came around KD 13/-. Somehow too much for only 3 kinds of cheeses but who cares, they’re coming all the way from Italy and I’m in the mood to have some πŸ˜€

I’ve been informed via whatsupp that my order is ready for pick up, went immediately to the address and picked up my order. I received it at night so I didn’t get the chance to try any of them until the next morning when I had one Burratina for breakfast …. OMG πŸ˜€ It was delicious…I added my own sauce (Olive oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Honey and Fresh Rosemary), some tomatoes, lettuce, and toasted toast fingers in the oven. Yum Yum,,,,one of the most delicious breakfast I’ve ever had at home.

I kept experimenting with other cheeses. The stracciatella was really good when added with fried eggplants over toasted toasts, that was really good. The Burrata was very big unlike the Burratini (small version).

They are fresh, healthy, delicious, and can be eaten in any way you like,,,very easy to create a recipe for them.








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2 thoughts on “Fresh Mozzarella Cheese From Italy

  1. Yum cheeeeseeeeee!!!!

  2. Mussa

    They also have a website now, where we can directly place order for all the cheese and gourmet food products. YUMM πŸ™‚

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