Kidzania Kuwait First Anniversary


I received a lovely gift from Kidzania Kuwait. It was a Vita doll (which we were wanting to buy) and 3 tickets to enter Kidzania and enjoy their celebrations. We went on Friday afternoon, it wasn’t that crowded because it was still exams. Their staff were friendly as always, they explained everything to us in details, gave us a map of the place and informed us that some new places opened but they’re not listed in the brochure.

The tickets they gave us entitled Juju to a check of 50 kidzos, which gave Juju the chance to play more, and I told them that she’s 2 years (white lie) because I wanted her to try new places. She got the chance to play in the Fire station, House of Urbano and she loved playing with Vita character which came to greet kids every hour or so. Juju also had the chance to create her own perfume at Alqurashi with the help of the lady in charge.

I really loved seeing Juju in the Fireman costume, she was so cute and lovely. She enjoyed the celebrations very much, dancing with the staff and the characters. It was a lovely day well spent. I’ll wait tip Juju is a lil bit older so she can enjoy her time and try more places/jobs.

Thank you Kidzania for the lovely day and wish you more success in the future.


all mine 😛


my mini fire woman 😛


getting ready


we are ready 😀


hop in


Kidzania …. Matafi


Part of the celebrations


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3 thoughts on “Kidzania Kuwait First Anniversary

  1. We’re so glad you had a great time, and that Juju enjoyed her time exploring more roles at KidZania. Z-U again soon!

  2. Soooo adorable!

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