Rosemary Night at @VapianoKuwait


Last week, was the official opening event for Vapiano Kuwait and it was organised by both Obai and Hill company from Bahrain and Ghalia Tech from Kuwait. I received a mini rosemary plant as an invitation to the opening event and was really looking forward for it. As always, I arrived early because I hate taking photos when it’s crowded, i feel uncomfortable doing it with lots of faces surrounding me. Gotta say it got crowded fast, but it was after I’ve finished taking photos 😀

The concept of Vapiano is self service, even paying your bill. You get a card, order from the stations they have; Pasta, Salad, Pizza etc and in each station there’s a machine where you swipe/scan your card in it after ordering and it will charge/add the price of your order in it. After you finish eating, you take your card to the cashier, pay and then leave. When we tried it, it was lots of fun, I really loved it.

The food was great. Tried a new kind of pasta, the name was kinda difficult to pronounce but it was delicious. It was called Pollo Picante (just checked their menu online), it was made with orange chili sauce, amazzzzzing, i really loved it. We also got to try 2 kinds of pizzas, Margarita which as soft, tender and light, and we also tried the Bruschetta one, it was the best. Try the dishes i’ve mentioned if you’re into Italian food, you’ll love it.

Our host was Ascia, she was very sweet and easy to talk to. Thank you all for a very beautiful night.
















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