Istanbouliya Experience


Last week, I felt like waking up from my afternoon nap and having something really sweet and delicious. I wanted to try something new, so I went to instagram and started scrolling down and my eyes caught Istanbouliya account. I’ve heard a lot about their desserts and I’ve tried their chocolate baklava before which was heavenly delicious. But this time I wanted something new and different.

I ordered the naqwa dessert which is a chocolate cup that has red velvet balls inside it. It sounded nice, beside, I love anything that has red velvet in it. I also ordered the caramelised lemons, weird right? Well, I thought the something but I got intrigued and said why not?

My order arrived before the delivery time which is something good. The red velvet box was huge, it had 12 cups inside it and each cup can be shared by 2 persons because it’s a heavy dessert. I loved it, it was really nice, and you can refrigerate it and it will still keep its amazing taste. The caramelised lemon slices turned out to be something unbelievable….We all loved it, my colleagues went crazy over it, we actually couldn’t stop eating it. The soury and sweet taste was amazing.






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